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Cook In A Cleaner Kitchen

Posted by Mächtig Kitchenware on

The kitchen is where the family gathers. It is where delicious meals are created, but before you know it, there is a mess to be cleaned up. After days of neglecting a thorough  clean up, you will find yourself scrubbing all weekend. With only little additions to your kitchen and change in habit, you will never find yourself spending your weekend cleaning.

1. Clean as you go.

Cleaning as you go lets you make room for your next dish. After you've done your prepping, get those dishes cleaned up and out of the way so you have space to cook. Likewise, try to clean most of your cooking dishes when your food is made. After you finished eating and you feel like relaxing, you will be thanking yourself that you cleaned as you went.

2. Clean a little everyday.

Take care of the floor, back splash, vent, countertops, and appliances everyday. It will prevent the build up of any grease or grime. These basic chores are essential to cooking in a cleaner kitchen. Remember to take a break if you need one so you do not get burnt out!

3. Make a Schedule.

Back to the basics. Keeping to a schedule will help you stay on track so your kitchen does not get out of hand. Keep a calendar on your fridge or cabinet with designated cleaning activities for each day of the week. For example, on the first of each week, mop the floors, on the second of each week, organize the pantry, on the third of the week, dust and polish cabinet fronts and stove hood.

4. Use kitchen accessories that prevent mess.

There are always clever kitchen gadgets coming out that help you keep your kitchen clean. At Mächtig, we like to keep things basic. A frying pan is something that is used almost every day in American kitchens. Save your stovetop from the common oil splatter by investing in a splatter screen. Think of it as cheap kitchen insurance. The splatter screen will rest over your pan and will block oil splatters from jumping out and onto your stovetop.

Using these tips will surely help you cook in a cleaner kitchen. Some of these tips may take longer than others but in the end, we are sure they are worth the time. All you need to do is make a schedule to follow either weekly or monthly, clean as you go when cooking a meal, and investing in kitchen gadgets to help prevent messes in the first place.