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The Best Surface For Baking Home Made Pizza

Posted by Mächtig Kitchenware on


When you think of a freshly baked pizza pie, you think about cheesy goodness on a crispy crust. Many try to reproduce this sought after texture in their own home kitchen. After researching about the best surface to cook on, you will find that a natural stone surface with a reasonable thickness is ideal. If you were going to read recommendations from respected chefs, you would be led to Mächtig's Professional Pizza Stone Set.

Pizza stones are meant to be used at very high temperatures so that a crisp crust can develop. Set your oven to about 450 degrees Fahrenheit and let your oven preheat for at least 30 minutes. The key to a evenly cooked bottom is letting the stone reach the same temperature as your oven. After 8-10 minutes, your pizza should be fully cooked and ready to eat!

Some will come to questions whether or not to use baking tiles, what thickness of stone to use, or to use a coated or non coated stone. We believe that by using our pizza stone, you will avoid having to re-arrange tiles in your oven. Tiles can be cumbersome to use when you are using high temperatures. You will see some pizza stones are coated for easy cleaning. However, with coated stones, comes non porous surfaces. We recommend to use non coated, porous stones to achieve maximum crispiness for the food you may be baking.

You will come across many different thicknesses of baking stones in the market, however, we repeatedly researched the effects of differences in thickness of stones. We concluded that by having a thicker stone measuring at one and a half centimeters, the stone can evenly heat, retain, and cook your pizza. Try out our pizza stone - our stone will last you a lifetime. That's Mächtig's promise...that's mighty.